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The Back to School 2020 Stress Index

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, stress levels across American parents are increasing. Brainly conducted a Google Trends study of stress indicators related to COVID-19 and its impact on reopening schools in order to determine which states are the most stressed.

Infographic - 2020 Back to School Stress Index - Brainly Insights



Brainly conducted this study between July 18 and August 17 by measuring instances of particular stress indicators relative to geographical location and ranked based on the search popularity within each state. The nature of those stress indicators included search queries related to the reopening of schools, school safety, CDC guidelines, and homeschooling requirements.

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We’re Tracking When Students Can Get COVID-19 Vaccines By State – Brainly

We’re Tracking When Students Can Get COVID-19 Vaccines By State

Follow for updates on middle-school and high-school student eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine in your state.

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Grammar Day 2021 – Brainly Insights

Country Grammar: How Brainly Users Feel on Grammar Day 2021

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