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Country Grammar: How Brainly Users Feel on Grammar Day 2021

Grammar Day 2021 - Brainly Insights

Logophiles, rejoice! National Grammar Day is March 4th, and its – no, it’s – the perfect day to celebrate the idiosyncrasies of the English language and study up on some common grammar mistakes. 

Last week, we surveyed 1,700 high school students nationwide to learn about the most common grammar mistakes, their opinions on controversial grammar-related topics like the Oxford comma and commonly misspelled words.

“While grammar can be a common source of stress for both students and parents alike, it’s an important subject for people to master so kids are able to express themselves and their ideas effectively,” says Patrick Quinn, Brainly’s Parenting Expert. 

The top 5 most shocking grammar-related learnings from the survey are:

  • Roughly 53% of single U.S. students said that bad grammar is a dating deal-breaker. 
  • Nationwide, 66% of students said they prefer a writing style that uses the Oxford comma.
  • Nearly 8% of students said they think their grammar is better than their English teacher’s. 
  • 36% of students said writing essays causes more stress than other types of homework. 
  • About 43% of students said their most common grammar mistake is not knowing when to use a comma or not. 

The top 5 states where students said they think good grammar is very important are:

  • Vermont (68%)
  • North Carolina (62%) 
  • Delaware (59%) 
  • Pennsylvania (57%) 
  • Massachusetts (53%) 

The top 5 grammatical spelling errors students said they see their peers make are: 

  • They’re / their / there (32%)
  • It’s / its (24%) 
  • Your / you’re (19%) 
  • Too / to (13%) 
  • Who / whom (12%) 

“One way for parents to encourage kids to learn good grammar habits is to review their written assignments before they turn them in, so they can be made aware of any errors and learn how to fix them. And if the grammar is too tough for parents, they can turn to online resources like Brainly to get unstuck on tough grammar problems and go from questioning to understanding. It’s also good practice for students to offer grammar help to others on Brainly because it reinforces their grammar knowledge by having them explain grammatical concepts to others,” says Quinn.

Here are some at-home activities for dusting up your grammar this holiday:

  1. Take this Buzzfeed quiz on commonly misspelled words.
  2. Play for a cause on Freerice, an organization that donates food to the hungry for vocabulary questions you get correct.
  3. Test your grammar knowledge with a Quill activity.
  4. Feeling like an expert? Put your skills to the test with this advanced grammar challenge.
  5. Take your English question to the Brainly experts.

Happy National Grammar Day!


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