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Here’s the One Answer to Every Homework Question You Have

Consider this: Nothing triggers parent-teenager anxiety quite like nightly homework battles — especially as in the middle of the school semester

Now, for the first time, you don’t have to solve this dilemma alone. We are here to eliminate endless hours of agony. How? Students share their academic problems online and our community of peers and experts respond with immediate help.

It’s that simple.

Our community has more than 150 million users and thousands of moderators. (Moderators are trusted members who ensure all information shared is accurate and act as the final step of our three-layered moderation process.) Already over 80% of users credit Brainly for expanding their knowledge base, heightening their curiosity and inspiring them to embrace challenges.

Here’s what sets us apart:


We bring students, parents and teachers together in a collaborative effort to achieve success for all involved. It’s about sharing our best qualities — and having some fun along the way.


Correct answers are fine, but a thorough understanding is the key to learning. We offer careful, step-by-step explanations so students can process and remember material over the long-term.


Our vast network of experts and teachers can provide unmatched guidance and an ability to provide clarity and accuracy. Learning is a lifelong journey.

So don’t worry, we have your back when it comes to finally finding that solution to your homework.