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Meet Elite Answerer Ernest!

  • Trusted Helper role: Elite Answerer 
  • Brainly Questions Answered: 4759
  • Brainly User since: 9/15/2015

Why do you like answering questions? In short, it’s like the fact that its purpose is to help others because I’ve always made that as one of my first few priorities. I can apply what I learn to help others who are learning the same thing and in return, receive the same.

But to elaborate, here are five reasons why I like REALLY like answering questions:  1. It is a way to keep my mind active in my old age. So people do crossword puzzles. Others do Sudoku, I answer questions. 

2. It’s also a way for me to share my knowledge with others. I taught university-level chemistry for 63 years. This way, I can continue to help students who have difficulties learning various concepts. 

3. It is a challenge. The first part is figuring out what the student is asking, especially if their native language is not English. The second part is to frame my answer so it is meaningful to them. 

4. It’s a constant learning process. I’ve always felt that every question needed deserves an answer. The question may seem trivial, but it’s important to the person who submitted it (or we can only). Sometimes a complicated question offers only five points for an answer. The accumulation of points for me is not my answer, so I will tackle it. Sometimes I don’t know the answer but wish I did, so I might spend hours researching the subject to answer a question only worth a few points. 

5. At first, I only answered chemistry questions. Then, I thought I might try mathematics. More challenges! Mathematics has changed since I took it 60 years ago. I had to re-learn the topics I had long since forgotten and learn many new ones. Then, Brainly started sending me suggested questions in mathematics. More topics and more learning. Then I started answering chemical questions in geography. Guess what? Brainly sent me suggested questions on that subject. I know little about the field, but enjoy researching the answers. Learning new things is exhilarating and exciting.

Why do you like most about answering questions? I love being able to answer various questions as well as moderate to keep the site safe. Being a moderator allows me to make the Brainly community safer and more enjoyable for millions of users! 

Additionally, I enjoy knowing that I am making a positive contribution to someone’s life. I realize that some students just want an answer to their homework assignment, but some really want to learn. It is gratifying when a student takes the time to add an additional comment, as well as clicking on the “Thank You” button, I won’t lie. I like getting Brianliests I don’t go seeking them, so when I get them, it is good to know I made a difference.  

Why did you first join the team? In the distant past, Brainly was the first site I tried, but I found its interface so frustrating that I switched to Khan Academy. After a while there, Socratic recruited me for their Chemistry section. When they switched to a delivery mode that no longer required an army of volunteer answerers, I decided to re-try my first choice. 

Fortunately, the interface made it easy to submit answers. Now, I just do my thing and write the best answers I can. I’m here at Brainly, and I love it.

Not to mention I love helping others and I always saw many unexplained answers and me, being me, was bothered.  I think it’s more helpful to provide an explanation, and so that’s when I decided to join the Trusted Helpers community and make an impact. I’ve really enjoyed my experience on the team and am proud to work alongside all of you!