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Meet Moderator Gabriella!

  • Trusted Helper role: Knowledge Base Monitor & Welcome Committee Member  
  • Brainly Questions Answered: 685
  • Brainly User since: 6/1/2019

What do you like most about Brainly? I like the fact that its purpose is to help others because I’ve always made that as one of my first few priorities. I can apply what I learn to help others who are learning the same thing and in return, receive the same.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Moderator?  I love moderating and making the site better and there are a few perks that come with it. Being a moderator allows me to make the Brainly community safer and more enjoyable for millions of users!

Why did you first join the team? I joined the team because I loved helping others and I always saw many unexplained answers and me, being me, was bothered. I think it’s more helpful to provide an explanation, and so I joined the team and was accepted around a week later (if I’m not mistaken). I really enjoyed my experience on the team and am proud to work alongside all of you!