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Meet Moderator Jon!

  • Trusted Helper role: Knowledge Base Monitor
  • Brainly Questions Answered: 5126
  • Brainly User since: 09/16/16


Why do you like most about Brainly? I like the fact that its purpose is to help others because I’ve always made that as one of my first few priorities. I can apply what I learn to help others who are learning the same thing and in return, receive the same. Brainly is such an amazing website! It gives students with no one to help them at home the opportunity to learn and get help with their school work. I really love this concept and am very passionate about giving all people the opportunity for a fruitful education. It’s such a good way to help these people without ever having to leave the house!
I also like how reasonably fair the team is/ and the feedback provided by the higher-level moderators and Brainly interns in responding to what does/does not constitute a violation; and what type of violation (e.g. providing specific advice– even upon inquiry before action is taken – and suggestions about the best course of action to take.

Furthermore, I like how the requirements generally mandate explanations/step-by-step calculations (when/if applicable—when answers are posted — that explain why the answer provided is the correct answer – or best answer .). I like that Brainly provided the chance for “approval/verified” status for the finest/ correct, clear, and well-explained answers—I find that many, if not most, of such answers–esp. in mathematics– deserves such status.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Moderator? I love moderating and making the site better.  Being a moderator allows me to make the Brainly community safer and more enjoyable for millions of users! My favorite part is watching the number of the Mod queue go down. I like keeping the website safe, and top quality. To be honest my second favorite part about being a Moderator is getting the message from users that are upset. It gives me an opportunity to be kind to them and show them that moderators, and everyone on the Brainly team, are simply people that want to help out.

Being a “Moderator” is: Always a “learning” experience! It’s interesting to keep “up-to-date” with the newest rules/ and interpretation of the newest rules/ and to communicate with other moderators – including higher-level moderators / and even Brainly “interns” (i.e. Brainly administration members). I like communicating with–and responding to–concerns that I get from Brainly users (generally speaking). While some are frustrated and have a hard understanding, some become more understanding when I give them full explanations, links, and other feedback regarding why their deleted content (either from me or from other moderators) was, in fact, valid/ and what they can do in the future to avoid actions being taken on their account.

Why did you first join the team? I joined the team because I loved helping others and I always saw many unexplained answers and me, being me, was bothered. I think it’s more helpful to provide an explanation, and so I joined the team and was accepted around a week later(if I’m not mistaken). I really enjoyed my experience on the team and am proud to work alongside my fellow Trusted Helpers.  
I first joined the team after getting a suggestion from Danica. I decided to look into it because I wanted to be of more help to the community. I’ve really enjoyed my time as part of the team thus far, and I look forward to starting this new decade with y’all! 

After becoming a Brainy user in 2016, while I came across it accidentally in a Google search, I started reporting content quite frequently. I was unaware of the Brainly policies on violations/reports –so based on my interpretation, I was doing the right thing and reporting legitimate content as well as false ones (apparently), which is when I decided to contact a moderator about my “false reports”. Where I learned that warnings are temporary and learned more about the guidelines. So after a while had passed, I was asked if I wanted to be a moderator and join the Trusted Helpers Community! I said, “yes-but was concerned about doing the right things in moderation for others, but I still applied and got immediately promoted to Junior Moderator. I had a lot to learn; yet, the mods provided excellent feedback, and finally, I was promoted to “Moderator”—and just recently— promoted to “Knowledge Base Monitor” — which I considered an honor!