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Community Guidelines

We work every day to create a world where every student can learn in the way that works best for them. When using Brainly, you agree to follow these Community Standards and our Terms of Use. These standards should guide all your interactions in our community.

Who Makes This Community Great?

Our community is focused on helping members as they embark on their learning journeys and deepen their knowledge.


We all need help sometimes. Learners are users who come to Brainly for help with school work.


Everybody knows something. Helpers are users just like you who share their knowledge by providing high-quality answers


Teachers and professionals who help us take on tough questions and keep our content high-quality.

Community Standards

We built our community’s standards on a foundation of kindness, deep understanding, privacy, and safety for all. When a member breaks the rules, our moderators deal appropriately with each situation. They may give you a warning, delete inappropriate content, and ban or delete your account. At their discretion, they may also come up with additional solutions. Please review the following rules carefully, and remember to always communicate with kindness, help others learn, and ensure the privacy and safety of all.


Treat one another with kindness and respect

As part of the Brainly community, you play an important part of creating and maintaining an environment that is safe and welcoming for all. Always treat others with kindness and respect, and always let us know when you or another user might need extra kindness.

Help others and strive for deeper understanding

Brainly is all about helping each other learn more by staying curious and always striving for deeper understanding. When helping, do your best to explain things in a way that others can understand. When other members help you, always thank them and rate their work.

Keep Brainly safe for all

If you see anyone breaking the rules, help our moderators and community managers act quickly by reporting any users or content that don’t live up to our community standards. Together, we can make sure Brainly remains the best community for shared learning and understanding.



Words can hurt even if they’re not said out loud. Never post mean or hurtful things about another member, taunt them, or talk about them behind their back. Unkind words or actions directed at another community member will not be tolerated.

Family friendly

Members of our community range in age, so we keep the content on the site squeaky clean! Sharing sexual content or asking someone to engage in sexual behaviors is not allowed.


We want everyone to feel safe on Brainly. You should never threaten one another or do anything to intimidate or scare another member.


This is an educational environment, and we do not allow swear or curse words on the site. If you wouldn’t say it to your grandparents, don’t say it here!


We do not allow inappropriate usernames, profile photos, or other content. In this case, “inappropriate content” includes (but isn’t limited to) adult or sexual content, content that includes profanity, drug or alcohol use, self-harm, violence, or harassment of any kind.


Plagiarism is not allowed—not on quizzes, tests, homework, assessments, or any other kind of assignment. Copying answers from another source, even if you provide the original link, is not allowed on Brainly.


All information you post here should be helpful, appropriate, and related to learning. You should only post information that you are confident is true. Never misguide others by posting an answer you know isn’t correct. If you’re ever unsure about your answer, be sure to check it with a trustworthy source.


Posting of spam content is not allowed. This includes posting the same question or answer repeatedly, posting unwanted or promotional content, and posting spam links of any kind.


See our Honor Code for more detailed information about how we uphold academic integrity and ensure Brainly is the best place to learn together.

Honor Code

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