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Honor Code

Brainly’s Honor Code is the blueprint for how we uphold high standards of academic integrity at Brainly. We ask our community to support the learning of others by maintaining these standards and ensuring all students can go beyond the answer, together.


Brainly’s Honor Code

For your own learning’s sake, make sure you:

Create your own work

Students should use Brainly to improve their own work. It’s never okay to pass someone else’s words, thoughts, or ideas as off as your own. This includes copying content from other users, websites, or sources and pretending it is their own original work.

Give others credit if you reference their work

Always use quotation marks (“) and give credit by name if you include someone else’s work in your own. You cannot have other users write full essays on your behalf or copy Brainly content without proper attribution, context, or agreement.

Keep from posting tests, quizzes, and assessments

Students are never allowed to post questions directly from tests, quizzes, and assessments, or copy answers found on Brainly during tests, quizzes, and assessments.

Get permission to share content from classroom materials

Only post content from textbooks or course materials if you have explicit permission from the teacher in question.


Anytime our moderators discover the Honor Code has been violated, we work hard to find out what’s going on and why, and resolve the situation based on the seriousness of the violation.


How You Can Help

For Students

We know you’re juggling many academic subjects, are slammed with homework and extracurriculars, and you face a lot of pressure to do well, advance, and achieve—but we don't believe in shortcuts. We believe that it’s possible to do well, act ethically, and learn along the way. That’s why, at Brainly, we go beyond the answer.

  • As community members, you are on the front line of academic integrity, and we ask that you hold your fellow members accountable by reporting violations of the Honor Code.

    As members of the Brainly community, you are responsible for:
  • Working toward deep understanding of subjects
  • Following the Honor Code and maintaining academic integrity
  • Reporting any violations of the Honor Code you see on Brainly

For Schools and Teachers

We know how hard you work to ensure academic integrity in your classrooms and institutions. We are with you in the fight to keep learning honest and effective.

  • As educators and members of academic institutions, we encourage you to:
  • Reporting any violations of the Honor Code you see on Brainly
  • Encourage your students to seek deep understanding of concepts, and not just find the answers to questions
  • Actively share with us partnerships and ideas you have for enforcing our Honor Code by sending an email to community@brainly.com

For Parents

We’re here for you in this journey toward helping your children learn, both in tackling academic skills as well as in helping them learn how to navigate the ethical dilemmas and stresses of everyday life. You, too, are part of this community of learning, and you have an important role to play.

  • As parents of Brainly members, you are responsible for:
  • Reporting any violations of the Honor Code you see on Brainly
  • Encouraging your children to seek deep understanding of concepts, and not just find the answers

If you think someone might have broken the Honor Code, please submit your report so that our moderators can review and take appropriate action. If you have any other questions or concerns about academic integrity on Brainly, please contact us at community@brainly.com.

Report Honor Code Violations

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