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Safety Center

Brainly is a platform for collaborative learning that reaches students, educators, parents, and other learners from all around the world. We created the following guidelines and resources to protect our global community and ensure that everyone can carry on learning in a safe and welcoming environment.

Safety for All

To keep our community safe, the following activities and content are prohibited on Brainly and should be reported to our team immediately:

Targeted cyberhate of any group or individual

We do not allow any hateful or mean content about a member of the community, or about any group of people in general.

Adult or sexual content

We do not allow members to share explicit images (nudity or suggestive photos), seek sexual or dating partners, or post sexual content of any kind.

Creating fake profiles or impersonating others

Pretending to be another member or person on Brainly is not allowed.

Inappropriate images or video

We remove any image or video that is deemed to be inappropriate, including sexual content, gore, violence, and anything that might be considered discrimination against a person or group.

Self-destructive behavior, self-harm, or suicide-related content

We do not allow members to post about suicide or other methods of physically hurting themselves. This includes encouraging or trying to get others to hurt themselves or hurt others.

Arranging to meet in person without adult supervision

We do not allow members to use Brainly as a way to meet in person. This is for the safety of all our users. Never agree to meet in person with anyone from Brainly, and immediately report any user who attempts to meet with you.

Spam, scams, malicious conduct

We do not allow our members to post anything that disrupts, interrupts, or harms the Brainly community and our members’ experience on the site.

Privacy Tips

To protect yourself and your privacy when posting content online, you should never share anything on Brainly that reveals private personal information about yourself or other members, including:

Sharing personally identifying information

It’s not safe to share your full name, address, or phone number with strangers, so don’t do it here! To further protect your privacy, avoid creating usernames that reveal your email address, full name, or other personally identifying information.

Sharing a member’s address or contact information

It’s also not safe to share or post contact information of other Brainly users. Help keep each other safe by keeping everyone’s personal information private.

Sharing anything from your social media profiles, or anyone else’s

Social media can be a big part of our lives these days, but this isn’t the place to be promoting your social media profiles, asking for followers, or sharing personal information.


In addition to safety on Brainly, the following resources can provide additional information on personal and online safety. To see our complete list of safety resources, please visit our Support Center.


As always, our team is here to help you stay safe on Brainly. If you see something, say something by reporting it to our team.


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